At the foundation of every great story is a voice with a message. Our mission is to help storytellers find and deliver their message to the masses through intelligence and commitment to excellence. 


Collaboration Is Our Strength

We are creatives, aware of our individual strengths, working together as a team and striving for excellence. From inception of concept to final product, we stay detail oriented and only produce the highest quality product. 


Business Success Is Our Goal

Behind every creative endeavor is a business objective. Through communication and intelligence, we strategize every step of the way, always up-to-date on market trends and keeping our fingers on the pulse of the industry. 


The ship is steered by our founder, Mikhael Bassilli. His business sensibilities and penchant for talent is the driving force behind PTE’s development team, which boasts a wide range of established screenwriters, directors, filmmakers, and producers in the facilitation of cutting-edge, story-driven content.