Story development and strategy are symbiotic (if you haven’t read strategy yet, please do before continuing here). Our story development philosophy is two-fold: 1) Assemble the right team for the project at hand; 2) Make the content as emotionally impactful and entertaining as possible. Many factors play into how development will go. For example, what is the production budget? We are professionals with a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of filmmaking and content creation so we know how to work with ALL budget ranges. We also must examine the platform in which the content is released – is it episodic, short form, feature length, etc. 

Our development and production team consists of over 100 writers,  directors, editors, designers, animators, and producers straight from the film & TV work – all with a reputation of producing quality feature film, television, and digital media content. Our professional network guarantees the highest quality of content possible. Every writer’s room development session is run by a head of development with multiple professionals at the table, bringing their unique strengths in a collaborative setting to maximize your story/content in every way imaginable. The result is cutting edge storytelling that attracts audiences and investments worldwide.