We create stories for the now. But what exactly does that mean strategically? We start by doing a market analysis of the content. We look at what’s working, what’s generating revenue, and we amplify it’s relevancy through creative intelligence. For clients who come with their own stories and screenplays, we create strategies for redevelopment that instantly amplify marketability. It’s the creators that drive the emotion, but it’s ultimately the consumer who drives our strategic decisions. 

Our next step is the “Assembly Phase.” We hand pick a team that is best for each project (no project ever has the same exact team). We believe the dynamics of a good collaboration is a powerful force of nature that has the ability to seamlessly merge the world of strategy and creativity. We start with business goals and strategies, then use those principles as a guiding light as we construct the outline of an emotionally impactful, human-centric, story concept for a specific audience. We then delegate creative responsibilities amongst our masterminds to bring the elements of the story together. We workshop intelligently, allowing us to output top-notch content with quicker turnarounds. The result is emotionally impactful entertainment that has the ability to move audiences, attract attention, and garner a return on investment for film investors. 

Last but not least, we are plugged in, diverse, with our finger on the pulse of the industry and the culture. Adapting to the culture is the key to staying relevant.  The goal is to always be at the forefront of the industry so that our content can create an authentic connection with audiences on a mass scale.